Storms Footwork Fundamentals DVD

Storms Footwork Fundamentals DVD

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 Storms Footwork Fundamentals DVD
 Storms Footwork Fundamentals DVD
 Storms Footwork Fundamentals DVD

Storms Footwork Fundamentals DVD

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Storms Footwork Fundamentals NTSC DVD

CypherStyles Best Breakdance Training Video of 2010

Format: NTSC All Regions DVD (Works on all DVD players worldwide)

Language: English

Run Time: 107 minutes

Rating: Unrated

This is an instructional B-boying DVD. In particular about some footwork styles and concepts performed on the ground. That's why we also call it downrocking. Since it's an introduction to the dance and it contains only basics, it's called "Footwork fundamentals".

The producer Storm, started B-boying in the early 80's when TV broadcasted the facet's of Hip Hop for the first time in EU. Soon after, when the dance was plaid out and almost died out, groups and people like these continued: Aktuel Force/ France, Throwdown Breakers/ Sweden, Second to None, and Awayz rocin tuf/ England, Maurizio and Massimo/ Italy, Enemy Squad/ Hungary, Crazy Force Crew/ Switzerland, TDB, Steve and Sonny T/ Germany, and Battle Squad/ Germany and Italy with Storm and his Partners, Swift, Speedy and Emilio.

They developed new moves and concepts out of what they once adopted from the New Yorkers. Now, a lot of these precious original concepts are getting lost, because people are often just accumulating moves, without knowing the philosophy of the style they are doing. "Bringing the dance closer", was the main motivation to produce this DVD.

Storm is showing technique he learned from exchanging with others, as well as things he developed himself.

This DVD is dedicated to the New Yorker Bboys that inspired him the most:

Float (Excel), Chino, Sam / Incredible Breakers

Icey Ice, Pex/ NYC Breakers

Ken Swift/ Rock Steady Crew

Kwikstep/ Fresh kids

Special thanx to Wiggles, Klown, Mr. Freeze and Rob on bass, for spreading the truth!

The attitude,the rythms, the dynamics, the fun, the philosophy, the fashion... whatever it was we developed, we wanted it to look Bronx.

If it turned out to be different, it wasn't our intention. What's known as the European style today was created when Bboying went on exile over here. For a long time I wished we had somebody telling us what to do. Another reason why this footage had to be distributed.

Storm's Footwork Fundamentals breaks down The Following BBoy Moves:


1. Kickout

2. Kickturn

3. Monkeyswings

4. Kickout-Swings

5. Kickspin

6. Kickout-Kickspin-Swing

7. Backsidekickspin

8. Kickout-Backsidekickspin

9. Backkick

10. Kickout-Backkick

11. Jumpover + Jumpback

12. Kickout-Jumpover + Jumpback


1. Jumpover-Tap

2. Jumpover + Jumpback

3. Jumpover-Change Leg-Tap

4. Octopus-Comeup

5. Twistup

6. Twistup-Kickspin-Back Down

7. Swings


1. Hook

2. Sling

3. Slingwalk

4. Hookwalk

5. Hookwalk Both Sides

6. Slingwalk Sideways

7. Hook-Circle-Sling-Change

8. Peter Pan (Half)

9. Peter Pan (Full)


1. Basic Sixstep

2. Sixtep With Sling

3. Forth & Back

4. Sixstep With Kneewalk

5. Floorsalsa

6. Floorsalsa-Kneewalk


1. Atomic Sixtep

2. Sixtep Spin

3. Sixtep Kneewalk

4. Sixtep-Kneespin-Slingshot

5. Sixtep-Swipe

6. Octopus

7. Simple Atomic Demo


1. Simple Pretzel

2. Insideout Pretzel

3. Extended Pretzel

4. Insideout Pretzel-Walkover

5. Pretzel-Sidewalk

6. Pretzel-Backswipe


1. Drop

2. Spin Down

3. Swing Down

4. Cork Screw

5. Walk In

6. Sweep

7. Kickspin-Low

8. Kickspin-High


1. No Hand Sweep

2. Kneeswitch

3. Kneeswitch-Slide-Tuck In

4. Kneeturn-Slide-Tuck In

5. Kneewalk-Turn-Kneeswitch

6. Kneeswitch-Turn On Foot

7. Paddle Walk


1. Baby Freeze

1a. Baby-Turtle Exercise

1b. Pretzel Into Baby

1c. Sixstep Into Baby

1d. Backbone Into Baby

2. Chairfreeze

2a. Swing Into Chair

2b. Kickout Into Chair

2c. Hook Into Chair

3. Rummenigge

3a. Pretzel Into Rummenigge

3b. Sweep Into Rummenigge

3c. Peter Pan Into Rummenigge


1. Handtaps

1a. Simple Taps

1b. Sixstep With Hands

1c. Hiproll Handtap

2. Belly Rolls

2a. Bellyroll-Up-Kickout

2b. Bellyroll0Ninjakick-Comeup

2c. Dolphin

2d. Hook-Circle-Dolphin

2e. Lofty

3. Slides

3a. Kneeslide

3b. Turnover-Footslide

3c. Buttslide

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Customer Reviews

Overall Product Rating from 15 Customer(s)
Dana. B of columbus , OH
Awesome service
I love my products the dvd is awesome because it really taughtthe basix which allowed me room to make the moves my own. The shirts are legit! Made of real sturdy thick cotton, with the sizes being on point, some internet sites these things run big or small no matter what siz u get... The ikross speakers are dope they def add up to the reviews and the price, I am most pleased with the service though, everything came perfect condition, as ordered, and timely, this is the third website i've ever ordered from and they have built a relationship and trust from this first experience! I will be bak postin more reviews im sure!..... -Dana. B/ Bboy -DriftRok-
Susan Oechsle of Monroe , NY
Storm's footwork fundamentals
To whom it may concern, I recently purchased Storm's Footwork Fundamentals from your website and was very pleased with not only the product but also the service provided by your company. The video was sent promptly and I received it with no complications. Furthermore, the actual DVD was well worth its price, containing many interesting concepts and techniques. I look forward to doing further business with you in the future. Thank you.
Kev of Liverpool
Storms Footwork Fundamentals
Thank you Cypherstyles, only took 7 days! and Thanks to Storm for making this B-Boy master piece! Beginner or experienced b-boy, either way you should have this in your collection!
Bboy PJ of Hesperia, California
Footwork Fundamentals!!!!
Big ups on this video Cypherstyles!! A+ stuff!!! Storm goes through so many footwork styles n variations it's so sick, I haven't even finished the whole dvd n I'm already learning so much, Storm explains each move very thoroughly and shows it at different speeds n angles which makes it easier to understand the steps, definitely worth it in my opinion, Thank you Storm n thank you Cypherstyles!! Peace
Rob of Tampa
Storms Footwork Fundamentals
Excellent intructional dvd; though he does do some of the moves pretty quick, a few clicks back with the replay button is what was needed for me. Overall these are some great moves to add to our library.
Clay of Louisville
Ton of Great Stuff
Storm breaks down dozens of moves and covers the major styles. Master this DVD and your breaking will be dope.
Paulo Roberto Araujo of Brazil- Sao Paulo
Highly Recommended
Hello guys! That's my first time trying to breakdance and I amazed because it is so nice! I bought the Storm's instructional DVD in December and I learnt a lot of steps. I really liked of this DVD, Storm teachs really well. So I would like to say thank you for CypherStyles sell it and mainly to Storm for to do it! Thanks a lot! I surely recommend for everyone! Regards,
Kev of Australia
Storm is Epic
Great dvd, easy explanations, also old school move da best. Storm is epic
BGirl911 of Moncton, NB
Storm's footwork dvd *****
I give it 5* / 2 tumbs up Best DVD there is if U wanna start breakin Or get ur fundamentals footwork better. No regrets at all !
Paulo of Toronto
Great dvd! Has good explanations and examples. Great for anyone willing to learn.
Gab of Jersey
The title says it all
This is actually the first dvd that I've ever purchased that advertised the entire truth in the title. The dvd has a collection of many footwork moves so be prepared to rewind a lot. Some moves are relatively easy and others will take more practice. Storm also shows how to move into and out of the footwork. There are drills to practice as well. Storm is a doll and I really enjoy watching him. Great explanations from a great teacher. I hope he makes another video.
Pappy of Sioux falls, Sd
Storm's footwork Fundamentals
For any beginner or intermediate bboy this DVD will give you the skills to take your footwork for trashy to classy. Storm makes it real easy to learn!!
Paul - More Than A Stance of
Storm's Footwork Fundamentals
"...The pacing is superb, without excessive slow-motion segments commonly found in other instructional DVDs. Rather than showing you the moves you probably already know, Storm shows you the foundation he personally uses to build his runs. Storm does each move two or three times slowly (this is where you say, "That's easy - hurry up and do the next move"), then does the move at a normal speed (this is where you say, "Whoa, what the - how did he do that?! Rewind that!"). Storm also breaks down the physics of each move, showing you not only how to perform each move on beat but also how to incorporate each move into a run so that you control where you are facing at any given point. Each instruction is practical and intentional, including his drills that show you how you can practice movements in your tops before you ever go down. Not only are the footwork moves, drops, and freezes well-taught, but there's a lot of them as well, giving you both quality and quantity for moves for your arsenal. It's a dense collection, and even now, I'm finding notes for moves to practice from this DVD intermingling with my notes for this review. Repeat views will probably be necessary to soak in everything..." (excerpt from review found here: )
Frank / BBoy Jamrock of NYC
This DVD is the most comprehensive breakdown of the art of footwork in bboying. Storm's experience as a bboy since 1983 really shines through, as he teaches the concepts with excellence. The DVD is broken up into 10 styles of footwork, each section containing at least 5 variations of the style. Concepts taught include Hook & Sling, Circulating, Atomic Style, Go Downs, No Hand Footwork and Freezes. Storm breaks down each move slowly, once without music and once with music. Many of these moves are not taught elsewhere, which makes this a valuable DVD for anyone who is interested in taking their footwork to the next level. Frank / BBoy Jamrock,, Inc. Staff
Barry / BBoy GRIZ of Pittsburgh
Storm is one of the greatest BBoys of all time and he's put together a very easy to follow, well produced training video containing endless rare style and footwork moves and techniques. This video is not about power it's all about diverse, flavorful, creative footwork. CypherStyles is the only store in America that carries Storm's Footwork Fundamentals. If you are interested in improving your style, this DVD will really give you a solid foundation to work from and introduce you to many dozen moves from the beginner to advanced level. I pretty much never give a video a perfect rating but this video absolutely deserves it. I can't recommend this video highly enough to improve and expand your Break dancing footwork and floorwork. Barry / BBoy GRIZ, President,, Inc.
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