• Why are Educational Toys Important for Toddlers?

    These toys are made and designed with the purpose to stimulate the child’s intellectual development and they are proving very effective. That’s why we wanted to look them over and give you a digested version of best educational toys for toddlers that you can find. We won’t look into specific toys that much, but rather the different skills that are associated with the toys.

  • 3 Reasons Why You Should try Escape the Room Game

    One such activity is an escape room and it has become more popular over the years, with new ones popping up everywhere over the world. If you like these types of fun and you are staying in the city you should definitely try to escape the room in Phoenix together with your friends or colleagues.

  • How to Store Pool Floats for the Winter

    The best way how you can store your pool floats would be to buy airtight storage containers. When it comes to winter storage, this is your best investment for sure. These are especially good if you have large pool floats and it is the best way how you make sure that your pool floats are well protected from drastic temperature changes.

  • Upcoming Movies in 2018 We’re Looking Forward to

    The year 2017 was pretty good when we’re talking about movies, but it looks like 2018. is bringing some great new movies as well as a couple of sequels we all want to see. So, without any furder a due, here are the most expected movies of 2018. The Meg The Meg stands for Megalodon, […]

  • Breakdance Lessons

    22 free breakdance lessons, showcasing a mix of toprocks, floorwork and freezes, shown in alphabetical order. Each lesson can be learned in isolation, but if there’s another move or technique that might help with learning that move, we always mention that in the video.

A Cypher is a circle of street dancers formed around two battling in the center, beating each other’s moves. CypherStyles is loved and trusted by urban dancers internationally for offering the world’s largest selection of breakdance protective gear and street dance lessons, including: how to pop and lock, house dance, krumping instructionals, learn c walk, tecktonik training DVDs, hip hop dance videos, and bboy instructional DVDs!

Hip Hop

Pop and Lock

Street Dance

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