Why are Educational Toys Important for Toddlers?


The advance of psychology and our greater understanding of the human brain and the way it functions led to advancements in the field of human education. We are now certain that the human body and mind go thru certain phases of development that are followed by periods of enhanced learning abilities for specific human characteristics.

These phases are naturally accruing and one just has to stimulate the right ability with the right learning practice to get everything right and move on with the acquisition of necessary skills for living. This is why there is a special sub-branch of psychology that is devoted to our so-called developmental phase that is the period from our birth to the age of about six when the phase ends.

Developmental psychology has shown that there are specific periods in our physical, emotional, and mental development in which we learn to speak for instance, or to distinguish perspective and shapes. This is why they sought to develop toys that could help the child in the said phases.

These toys are made and designed with the purpose to stimulate the child’s intellectual development and they are proving very effective. That’s why we wanted to look them over and give you a digested version of best educational toys for toddlers that you can find. We won’t look into specific toys that much, but rather the different skills that are associated with the toys.

What toys are out there?

When you want to design your Kids fun Corner and make turn it into something that can help them learn as well as have fun you definitely want to get some learning toys. Basically, the main difference between a learning toy and regular play toys is the fact the learning toy makes the child do a specific task instead of it inventing their own story like they do with action figures and dolls.

These are toys like specially designed puzzles that will help the child have a greater feel for shape and perspective or sound toys that teach specific sounds from nature, or toys that help with color distinction, even toys that help with learning basic anatomy and math.


Then as the child gets older you can get them toys that will improve their language skills and even learn a new language. Remember your child’s brain is a sponge for learning languages until the age of six and if you help them with the acquisition of basic rules and words from different languages in this period they will have a much easier time learning languages later on in life, or they could learn up to two languages besides their mother language. These toys are the most useful in the long run.

What to look out for?

As with anything else you get your child make sure you check all the facts and read about the product you are buying. Lots of people will offer incredible thing just so can get to the money parents are willing to spend on their child’s mental enrichment.