Upcoming Movies in 2018 We’re Looking Forward to


The year 2017 was pretty good when we’re talking about movies, but it looks like 2018. is bringing some great new movies as well as a couple of sequels we all want to see. So, without any furder a due, here are the most expected movies of 2018.

The Meg

The Meg stands for Megalodon, an ancient shark species known for its gigantic size. This movie is a long time coming now as you can find plenty of fake trailers on the internet, until now. Names like Jason Statham and Ruby Rose will make their appearance in the movie.


The story follows a crew of Chinese scientists who get attacked by a 70 foot shark during their underwater expedition. The shark survived in the unexplored deep-sea trenches for millions of years and now it’s back in the oceans. The movie will hit the box office on August 10th, so we’ll just have to wait and see if it can top Jaws.


The Halloween movies are one of the better horror movies out there. Michael Myers will be making his way back on screen next year (even though he was killed in the previous movie). Jamie Lee Curtis who is playing Michael’s sister will also appear in the movie, like in the sequel from the 2000s.


The director will have to make all the connections if he wants to explain how Michel stayed alive. We’ll just have to see. Read on to find more details on upcoming movies.


Rampage is a movie that really got us excited because it’s based on a video game we loved playing back in the 80s and 90s. What makes it even better is the fact that Dwayne Johnson known as the rock is playing the main role.


The story goes like this – the Rock is a scientist that takes care of a gorilla named George (the same name he has in the games) since he was born. George suffers from some genetic condition caused by radiation, which makes him grow into a huge angry monkey that breaks out of captivation and starts destroying the city. George is then joined by a giant wolf and a massive alligator. Will the Rock save Chicago in time? We’ll see on April 20th.

Deadpool 2

Deadpool has to be our favorite hated superhero. If you watched the first movie, you know that it’s hard to classify it. Is it an action movie or a crazy comedy picture? Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool and he’s the best actor for this role because of his amazing sense of humor, the same kind Deadpool has. Check out the latest Deadpool 2 movie trailers and you’ll want to see the picture right now.


Our favorite hero will be fighting some other heroes you’ve heard of, but we’ll save that for the premiere. We can’t wait to hear Deadpool’s hilarious jokes on June 1st.


When someone sees the name Scarface, the first thing that pops to mind is Al Pacino’s amazing performance from 1983. That was not the first Scarface movie and the good news is – it’s not the last one either. Diego Luna will be playing Tony Montana in the newest Scarface movie that will hit the box office in the second half of 2018.