How to Store Pool Floats for the Winter


Having a pool can ensure a lot of fun for the whole family during the hottest days but when winter comes and frost starts to kick in, the fun is over and there are certain precautions that need to be taken. Your pool must stay protected throughout the whole period and so do any pool floats and accessories.

Water and freezing cold do not go well together so if you do not want to spend some extra cash on buying new pool floats each year, here are a couple of good and useful tips that will help you to store your pool floats properly and make sure they are usable next year.

That is a necessity that cannot be overlooked. Pool floats could be simple as child toys or they can be as large as furniture that gives your pool more appeal and makes using it more fun, it does not matter, the principle is the same. Now, the first thing you have to do before you store your pool accessories is to dry them thoroughly. Otherwise, mold could ruin it for good.

All your floats, toys, furniture and all other accessories need to be completely dry before the storage. If they are not properly drained, water damage could cause unnecessary harmful effects. All floats like inflatable toys should be deflated as well. Once you do this, you need to make sure that your storage place is dry.

Airtight storage containers

The best way how you can store your pool floats would be to buy airtight storage containers. When it comes to winter storage, this is your best investment for sure. These are especially good if you have large pool floats and it is the best way how you make sure that your pool floats are well protected from drastic temperature changes. These temperature changes are the worst enemies of your pool accessories of all sorts.

pool float storage

The thing with these containers is that they maintain a consistent temperature and prevent any damage from occurring at all. Not only that, but the containers also prevent any damage from pets as well. Your household pets tend to tear things like pool toys because they think it is fun to do so. Once you store all your floats into a container, your accessories will be out of reach, ensuring your things stay protected.

Proper draining is important because it prevents mold from spreading. So, if you like to play with your loved ones while floating on food pool floats, and you want to do it next year as well, make sure that you take all of this into your consideration.

It will save you money, time and effort and you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars every year on buying new pool floats. It is not hard to store them properly and it does not even take much of your time. You should store your pool somewhere in early autumn, before the rainy season hits town.  Store your floats properly and enjoy them with friends and family next year too.