3 Reasons Why You Should try Escape the Room Game


There are a lot of activities you can choose from to do with your friends either in your hometown or in a town you are visiting. Remember there are things you can only do with one person and they tend to be on the romantic side and then there are things you can do with a group of people and they are often action and adrenaline filled.

These group activities are designed to get a group of people to collaborate together on finding a way to resolve a problem or get out of some other situation or just to eliminate the opponents from other teams.

One such activity is an escape room and it has become more popular over the years, with new ones popping up everywhere over the world. If you like these types of fun and you are staying in the city you should definitely try to escape the room in Phoenix together with your friends or colleagues.

These are reasons why we think you should try this out when you come and visit.

It is challenging

Many of the escape rooms have been simplified because of a lot of different people that come and try to get out. When the rooms were first shown to the public they where more challenging and you could spend hours lost in it until you figure out the way to get out.

This is why the designers of the room in Phoenix put a lot of thought into making tasks that won’t be too easy so you can challenge yourself and your team. The bigger the challenge is the greater the satisfaction when you solve it. So don’t go easy on yourselves and take the challenge.


It is an Excellent Team Building Activity

Companies all over the world are always looking for new ways to improve their worker’s relationships among themselves and to make the working environment more productive. When this problem was brought to light too many HR experts all over the world they saw the ideal solution in giving workers challenges that are outside the workspace.

This is where the escape room comes in. It has been used many times to show people that they are much faster in solving problems when they work together on finding the solution. This means that they have to resolve their personal differences and put them aside so they can make a strong team that can work together towards a goal. This mentality is proving very good for the workspace.

There is more than one Game

Many of the escape rooms have only one game and after you pass it there is nothing else you can do to challenge your self like that again. That’s why this room is designed to have more than one challenge to choose from and each one is more difficult than the previous one. This way you can come to the escape room more than once.