BBoy Olympics 2 2004 Winter Warz DVD

BBoy Olympics 2 2004 Winter Warz DVD

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BBoy Olympics 2 2004 Winter Warz DVD
BBoy Olympics 2 2004 Winter Warz DVD
BBoy Olympics 2 2004 Winter Warz DVD

BBoy Olympics 2 2004 Winter Warz DVD

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BBoy Olympics 2 2004 Winter Warz DVD

Format: NTSC Region 1 DVD (Works on all North American DVD players and all computers)

Language: English

Run Time: 76 minutes

Rating: Unrated

DJ Leacy Tribute (1971-2004) - Interview

FSS8 Final, Team N.E.L. vs Massive Monkees

Prelim Highlights

B-Girl Battle Highlights & Final Battle

Popping & Locking Highlights

BBoy Battles & Final Battle Brickheadz vs. X-Step Feinz

Brickheadz vs NBWear Exhibition Battle

NewBWear Allstars Showcase

Mighty 4 Trailer

Out For Fame Clip

Essence of Omnipresence - "First Be" Music Video

Performers: Crazy Freddy, Snap, Dynamic Flow, Rice Krispies, Ground T.N.A., Max Ground Force, Chaotic Project, Down with Cardboard, Little Rascals, Urban Arts, 2 Kool 4 Skool, H2O, Dirty Socks, Ground FX, N.B.K., Problems Kru, Losst Unkown, Brickheadz, NBWear Allstars, X-Step Fenz, Massive Monkees, Team N.E.L.Mega-Tron, Dre, DJ Act 1

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Customer Reviews

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Barry / BBoy GRIZ of Pittsburgh
Winter Warz
Crazy Freddys B-Boy Olympics is the premier Massachusetts B-Boy competition. The B-Boy Olympics attract serious talent, not only from Massachusetts but from all over the East Coast and Midwest. Viewers are treated to a lot of impressive power combinations with immaculate transitions from one move to the next, as well as unique original moves, styles and freezes that you're unlikely to see anywhere else. Chicago, New York, Florida, Texas and California typically get the most attention in the American BBoy scene. This video had dope dancing, great music and plenty of cool bonus clips. Unfortunately, there were some pretty amateur dancers featured which the dvd would have been stronger without. There are no chapter separations for the event which is rough on a 76 minute dvd if you want to watch a specific battle and it would have been nice to see or hear the names of competing crews and performers somewhere in the dvd so we know who we're watching. Despite those issues Winter Warz was an interesting DVD that featured innovative BBoying and BGirling and a nice taste of the up and coming Massachusetts scene. Barry / BBoy GRIZ, President,, Inc.

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