Universal Wristlet Strap

Universal Wristlet Strap

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Universal Wristlet Strap
Universal Wristlet Strap
Universal Wristlet Strap

Universal Wristlet Strap

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Universal Wristlet Strap

The Universal Wrist Brace is designed to help prevent wrist sprains/strains and as a preventative wrist support. This popular support helps retain body heat to promote healing, while providing superior cushioning support and compression.

Thermal neoprene support comes with nylon facing on both sides to help retain body heat and promote healing of sprains and strains. The McDavid Universal Wristlet Brace is a black, one sized fits all, and utilizes a fully adjustable Velcro closure assuring a snug, supportive fit. PROTECTIVE GEAR & INJURIES

CypherStyles offers the best possible protective gear for intense urban dance styles like bboying/breakdancing, house/club/hip hop dancing, krumping, popping and locking. Unfortunately, nothing can prevent all injuries so please be careful, if it hurts, stop.

Don't drink and dance, don't operate heavy machinery or drive while dancing and keep in mind that you dance at your own risk. Caution: Do not use elbow wrap if you have a susceptibility to dermatitis, an allergy to rubber, circulation problems, over open wounds on your elbow. Do not wear these neoprene supports over prolonged periods of time, such as overnight.

If rash or other skin problems develop, discontinue use. This is premium quality protective gear, but but no pad or support can prevent all possible injuries.

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