BBoy Mockneck by BBoyWorld x Underworld

BBoy Mockneck by BBoyWorld x Underworld

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   BBoy Mockneck by BBoyWorld x Underworld
   BBoy Mockneck by BBoyWorld x Underworld
   BBoy Mockneck by BBoyWorld x Underworld
   BBoy Mockneck by BBoyWorld x Underworld
   BBoy Mockneck by BBoyWorld x Underworld
   BBoy Mockneck by BBoyWorld x Underworld
   BBoy Mockneck by BBoyWorld x Underworld

BBoy Mockneck by BBoyWorld x Underworld

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BBoy Mockneck by BBoyWorld x Underworld

Bringing back the classic style, rockin' the mock keeps you looking fresh when you're getting down. Perfect for spinning, gliding and rolling on your back, elbows and shoulders!

100% polyester, so it won't fade and will keep looking great no matter what abuse you put it through.

Look your best! Now available in Black, Royal Blue, Dark Green, Red, Grey and Maroon.


Note: all measurements made while mockneck was flat on a table.

Small: Top to bottom - 24.5 inches / 62 cm. Chest Width - 15.5 inches / 39 cm.

Medium: Top to bottom - 26.5 inches / 67 cm. Chest Width - 16.75 inches / 42.5 cm.

Large: Top to bottom - 27.5 inches / 70 cm. Chest Width - 17.75 inches / 45 cm.

XL: Top to bottom - 28.5 inches / 72 cm. Chest Width - 18.25 inches / 46 cm.

Machine wash cold before wearing and rocking all night long!

Customer Reviews

Overall Product Rating from 12 Customer(s)
Ryan Syphanthavong of North Las Vegas, Nevada
Bboyworld X Underworld Mocknecks
For starters, the packaging came in nice, neat, and fast. As a bboy that loves to care about my clothes I would suggest giving specific washing and drying directions. Not only for a longer lasting product, but a much more satisfying care the product. Also, I'm a bboy that is about 5"8 - 6"0 the mockneck fits just fine in the torso area, but a bit short for a person that is my height. I'm not sure if that's how the product fits, but it will make us tall people less stressful if it was maybe a bit longer. Since we stress everyday about buying our clothes that's the right fit. For example, I normally wear a Large. When I buy Larges in different brands it's either too wide or not long enough. That's my only suggestion about the product is to make it a bit more longer. Other than that I am ridiculously satisfied with the quality.
Steven of Chicago
Such an amazing product! Every bboy must own one!
Eumir Valenzuela of Guam
It's so great I love it!!
It's so great I love it!!
Ribu of Greece
Very good product,Powermoves look amazing when you wearing this!Very useful for mills and spins!
Raphael H of Europe
Mockneck Review
Very nice product! feels a little tight but overall pretty useful and goodlooking :D
Wingki Chan of New Jersey, USA
mockneck is awesome!
Definitely worth the wait, and I didn't even have to wait long. The mockneck looks great, and definitely made my moves look a lot better. Thanks!
Huy ha of Fremont
Mock neck
Relieved,y mock neck in a good condition. It feels a little tight but I'm sure it ll mold to my body. Maybe I ll order a large to compare. If you guys had a purple I'd get it in a second.
Patrick Zielinski of Montreal
If you usually wear medium for the large one, I got medium and it's a tiny bit tight, but at the same time it's modling up to my body pretty well, the back might be a little bit exposed when doing some moves near the bottom. Otherwise shipping was good I didn't wait much and the item is really nice.
Hayden of
absolutely love them
hey guys thanks alot got my mock neck and shirt today absolutely love them, definitely be buying from u guys in the future
Anthony Nguyen of Sterling Heights , MI
Mockneck Review
The Mocknecks that I bought are great. It is comfortable, stylish, and they are worth the purchase. The material is strong and flexible and the color is exactly what is promised. And of course, it does improve spins and slides.
Epik of France
Excellent product ! A must for every bboys !
kerry Bastien of greenland , NH
mock neck
this mock neck is exactly what I was looking for!!! I was worried the Lg would be to big but it fits perfectly and performs flawlessly when it comes to spinning moves. I recomend this product to anyone looking for that perfect blend of style and fuction.
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