BBoy Workshop Vol 1 Breakdance Fundamentals DVD

BBoy Workshop Vol 1 Breakdance Fundamentals DVD

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 BBoy Workshop Vol 1 Breakdance Fundamentals DVD
 BBoy Workshop Vol 1 Breakdance Fundamentals DVD
 BBoy Workshop Vol 1 Breakdance Fundamentals DVD

BBoy Workshop Vol 1 Breakdance Fundamentals DVD

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Bboy Workshop Vol 1 Breakdance Fundamentals DVD

Format: NTSC All Regions DVD (Works on all DVD players worldwide)

Language: English

Run Time: 138 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Over 2 hours of the most comprehensive, practical and authentic bboy teaching ever.

Volume 1 teaches the fundamentals of bboying and, most importantly, its relationship to the beat.

Instructed by the legendary Bboy Focus and world renowned drummer Ed Clery, the classes bring you the foundation required to start you on your path to being a well rounded bboy.

The DVD features over 40 moves and variations through Top Rocks, Go Downs, Footworks, Freezes and Power.

Drum beats recorded live in the lessons are supplied to accompany practice. The lessons aim to teach the importance of the relationship between the moves and the music so that new generations of bboys will learn "it's not the move, it's the groove."

Moves Taught:

Top Rock: 2 Step, Salsa Rock, Indian Step, Crossover Indian Step, Sailor Step

Go Downs: Basic Go Down, Kickout, 3 Knee Drop Variations, Front and Back Sweeps

Footwork: Coffeegrind, CC's, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 Steps, Zulu Spins, Babylove, Front, Side and Back Shuffles

Freezes: Knee Freeze, Baby Freeze, Plank, Airbaby, Chair Freeze, Handstand, Elbow Freeze

Power: Power Entrance, Back Spins, Windmills, Swipes, Turtles, Flares, Drills

Extras: Eddie's Beats (39 classic funk beats to practice to), Extra Throwdowns by Bboy Focus

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Customer Reviews

Overall Product Rating from 4 Customer(s)
John Gamble of NYC
BBoy Workshop Vol 1 DVD
BBoy Focus breaks down every move in a way that's clear and easy to follow, demonstrating slowly at first, then at real life tempos... laid down by Ed Clery on the ones and twos. Get it and Get Down!
David Cowley of Isle of Man, UK
Focus Bboy workshop vol. 1
I had high hopes for this product, and it did not disappoint. Focus is a very good teacher and this DVD is comprehensive to say the least. As someone who knows the basics I found important clarifications and variations in here; for someone attempting to learn from scratch its an excellent resource, but I would strongly recommend you watch what he DOES even more than what he SAYS as there are important details in the movement which he doesn't get in to - ultimately, no DVD is likely to be a substitute for a teacher who knows their stuff, but this is as close as you're gonna get. Ultimately this DVD represents superb value for money, and together with Storm's Footwork Fundamentals constitutes the best in DVD instructionals for bboys. What I'd like to see in later volumes is some teaching on how to make the basic top rocks really stand out - when Focus teaches the indian step it looks very basic, but when he DOES it it looks amazing (and very varied) - some thoughts on how to make this transition would be worth the price of entry alone. Also wanted to note the superb level of customer service on this site - I will always order with 100% confidence from Barry, very helpful and friendly, and impressive shipping times all the way to the UK!
Pete Fitzpatrick of Illinois
BBoyworkshopvol1brekdance fundamentals
nice approach to an integrated method of teaching the basics of b-boying that does not ignore it's context -music.
Barry / BBoy GRIZ of Pittsburgh, PA
Essential material for any bboy or bgirls collection!
Most videos will teach you some moves, but this is a true all encompassing WORKSHOP, legendary bboy champion Focus takes you through a full range of over 40 moves ranging from Top Rocks, Go Downs, Footworks, Freezes, Power, Beat Structure and Musicality. Plenty of BBoy's can dance, but Focus teaches authentic moves and theory very articulately in an easy to follow format. The BBoy Workshop is the best filmed and edited instructional I've ever seen, it's so well put together it's fun to watch, even if you're not training with it. The live drummer in the background is another unique touch that helps highlight the importance of musicality and groove. I do not give out perfect ratings easily, I've only awarded it to a few videos that to me are literally perfect. The BBoy Workshop could not be better. Essential material for any bboy or bgirls collection! Barry / BBoy GRIZ, President,, Inc.
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