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The most complete How To Liquid Dance Series is now available in this discounted pack!
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How To Liquid Dance Instructional DVD Master Pack

"There's no better way to learn the best kept street dance secrets!" - No Bone Tyrone, Wave Masters

"CypherStyles did a great job! An incredibly informative instructional series!" - Zulu Gremlin, Step Up 3D Choreographer

"This is the most on point how to street dance series I've ever seen!" - Mr Freeze, Rock Steady Crew

The most complete How To Liquid Dance Series is now available in this discounted pack!

Flowing hand and arm movements done fluidly to techno are the foundation of the liquid dance style. You'll often see dancers doing liquid dance moves while holding glowsticks to create visual trails of their moves at raves. Learn from clear step by step breakdowns of Liquid Dance moves. Pick up style secrets for every move, and follow along at your own pace with slow and fast practice drills!

Every street dancer has their own unique moves and styles, from the original pioneers to the new school innovators. It's always best to learn by taking classes in person with the pioneering giants of street dance. But if you don't have access to their classes, these videos are a solid way to learn foundation from the comfort of your own home. Street dance is a social dance first, with a vibe best expressed socially with a spirit of openness and improvisation. Once you feel comfortable doing the moves, get out there and show the world what you've got!

Learn from Barry "GRIZ" Rabkin, founder of CypherStyles, the world's largest street dance source. GRIZ's proven step by step lessons make it easy for beginners of all ages to quickly master advanced moves, and helps experienced dancers perfect their own signature styles. Join the millions that have already learned street dancing from CypherStyles!

All titles are NTSC All Regions DVDs (Universal DVD format, works on all DVD players worldwide.), in English and Appropriate For All Ages

This Pack Features:

HOW TO LIQUID DANCE 1 - BEGINNER DVD (58 minutes): Moves taught are Arm Trace, Around the World, Electro Pumps, Finger Liquid, Hand Liquid, Hard Step, Head Trace, Heel Bounce, Jack and Slow 360

HOW TO LIQUID DANCE 2 - INTERMEDIATE DVD (65 minutes): Moves taught are Arm Cross, Arm Liquid, Double Head Trace, Fast 360, Figure 8, Flower, Heel Toe Drag, Leg Trace, Thread The Needle and V Step

Learn Style Secrets For Every Move

Train At Your Own Pace With Slow And Fast Practice Drills

Built On A Shared Foundation: Every street dance style has its own foundational moves and unique flavor. A few moves are shared by more than one dance style. For example, the Criss Cross is both a Hip Hop and House dance move. The move is taught in both video series, because we believe each series should stand on its' own as a complete instructional resource. If you'd like to check for shared moves between different series, the moves covered are always listed on both the product description and the back of the dvd case.

CypherStyles offers the best possible protective gear for intense urban dance styles like bboying/breakdancing, house/club/hip hop dancing, krumping, popping and locking.

Unfortunately, nothing can prevent all injuries so please be careful, if it hurts, stop. Don't drink and dance, don't operate heavy machinery or drive while dancing and keep in mind that you dance at your own risk.

We are authorized and licensed rights owners of this product.

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