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BBoy Power Trainer / Airtrack Machine / Gravity Machine

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Use this harness to perfect your rhythm, timing and technique for bboy power moves and freezes!  Train longer with fewer injuries and faster progress!
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BBoy Power Trainer TM / BBoy Power Move Trainer / Airtrack Machine / Gravity Machine

What if there was a way to practice bboy power moves and freezes while safely supported upside down? Using this harness you can perfect your rhythm, timing and technique for bboy power moves and freezes while supported from above! Even the best BBoys slip up sometimes, but you can finally build up strength, confidence and endurance without eating floor any time you make a mistake! That means longer training sessions, less injuries, less distractions and faster progress on advanced moves!

ALL LEVELS: The BBoy Power Trainer TM is the most powerful unique tool ever created to help bboys, bgirls and gymnasts train and improve power moves. Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned veteran, your BBoy Power Trainer TM will help you do difficult moves more safely, comfortably, faster, harder and longer!

PERFORMANCE: The BBoy Power Trainer TM supports your bodyweight from overhead, letting you quickly develop the feeling, rhythm and coordination of advanced moves in a simulated zero gravity environment.

QUICK INSTALLATION: Setting it up for your next session is easy! Hang it from a sturdy beam in any basement, garage, workshop, studio or gym. (Quick installation supplies are all included).

You can temporarily install and remove the BBoy Power Trainer TM in SECONDS, without leaving any damage, holes or marks! You can also screw it directly into the sturdy ceiling beams in any room's ceiling for long term use (Screws and illustrated instructions are all included).

SAFETY: The BBoy Power Trainer TM is MUCH safer and more comfortable than unassisted training! Take your practice sessions to the next level! Most users are quickly and comfortably able to pull off advanced moves they would struggle to attempt without the BBoy Power Trainer TM.

After getting used to being upside-down, most complete beginners with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE are able to quickly and comfortably begin training 90s, handstands, freezes, headspins and dozens of other advanced bboy moves with their BBoy Power Trainer TM!





Elbow Airflares

Elbow Handstand

Elbow Headstand



Handstand Circles

Handstand Pushups



Head Hollow


Headstand Freeze

Hollow Back




Shoulder Spins / Stars


And Many More Moves!


Back Bridges

Body Weight Strength Training

Hand Balancing


Yoga Inversion Poses / Yoga Sling

Spinal Decompression

The Complete BBoy Power Trainer TM With Levitator Leg Support Add-On:
Allows You To Train All the Upper Body Moves the Standard BBoy Power Trainer TM does plus all these lower body freezes and power moves!


Air Chair

Air Baby

Baby Freeze


Double Leg Flares





Plank Freeze

Side Crow




And Many More Moves!

Assembled in the USA, the BBoy Power Trainer TM is heavy-duty and has a professionally tested breaking strength over 1,000 lbs!

Standard BBoy Power Trainer TM Parts List:
(1) Steel Frictionless Rotational Ceiling Anchor
(1) Heavyweight Black Nylon Harness Strapping
(1) Adjustable Steel Moto Cam Buckle to 6-12 Foot / 1.8-3.6 Meter Ceilings
(2) 3/8" x 6" Heavy Duty Steel Lag Screws
(1) Screw Free Quick Installation Kit To Train Anytime Anywhere: Including 4 Foot / 1.2 Meter Heavyweight Strap (Colors May Vary) and Steel Padded Ratcheting Buckle
(1) Reinforced Polyethylene Foam Harness Pad (Colors May Vary)
(1) BBoy Power Trainer TM Installation & Use Guide

Complete BBoy Power Trainer TM and Levitator Leg Support Parts List

Everything in the standard BBoy Power Trainer TM PLUS:
(1) Levitator Leg Support
(1) Levitator Leg Support Steel Padded Ratcheting Buckle
(1) Levitator Leg Support Installation & Use Guide

Once the BBoy Power Trainer TM is installed, the levitator leg support only takes a few seconds to install or remove from the BBoy Power Trainer TM and does not require any additional tools or setup.

BBoy Power Trainer TM Installation Requirements: Installing your BBoy Power Trainer TM Mounts easily & securely in your ceiling, and requires the following:

6-12 Feet / 1.8-3.6 Meter Ceiling Height: The BBoy Power Trainer TM is adjustable to fit the height of any standard ceiling from 6-12 Feet / 1.8-3.6 Meters. If you need one that can fit a taller ceiling please e-mail us your requirements at CustomerService@CypherStyles.com. Please note that your ceiling must be tall enough for you to fully extend your arm overhead without touching your ceiling to train handstand movements. If you are focusing purely on headstands and windmills, any room that you can comfortably stand up in will have high enough ceilings.

6-8 Feet / 1.8-2.4 Meter Diameter Training Space: 6-8 Feet / 1.8-2.4 meter Diameter Training Space: You'll need secure ceiling beam at least 2 inches wide and 6 inches high that you can secure the BBoy Power Trainer TM to. Installation can be done on exposed beams in basements, garages, lofts and workshops, as well as covered drywall and plaster ceilings.

You'll need a diameter of 6 feet / 1.8 meters of empty space (At least 3 feet / .9 meters in every direction from the center of the BBoy Power Trainer TM) that you can train in, without bumping your body into anything. Users under 5 feet or over 6 feet may have require slightly more or less space. If you can lay down or do an open legged headspin in the potential practice spot without hitting your feet against anything than you'll have plenty of room to train safely and comfortably.

Installation Tools (INCLUDED) - HANG FROM BEAM: You can use the included strap and ratcheting buckle to hang your BBoy Power Trainer TM from any sturdy ceiling beam in seconds. It installs and removes quickly, without any damage so you can bring it to your favorite studios, gyms and friends practice spot sessions.
Required Installation Tools (NOT INCLUDED)

SCREW INTO EXPOSED BEAM: To screw the BBoy Power Trainer TM into your exposed visible ceiling beams, you'll need to own, buy or borrow a Drill with a standard 1/4 Inch / 6.35mm bit, a Ratchet with a 3/8 Inch / 9.525mm Hex Bolt Driver, Pencil, and a sturdy platform or ladder so you can reach your ceiling.

SCREW INTO BEAM IN DRYWALL OR PLASTER: To install this into drywall or plaster covered wood beams, you'll need the above equipment, and additionally a stud finder, flash light and standard 1/2 inch / 12.7mm Drill Bit.

NO OTHER TOOLS NEEDED: Once you have the BBoy Power Trainer TM installed, adjusting the BBoy Power Trainer TM, adding, adjusting or removing the Levitator Leg Support does not require any additional tools!

200 pounds / 91 KG User Weight Limit: The BBoy Power Trainer TM is built to incredibly strong specifications and has a break strength of over 1000 pounds / 453 KG when correctly installed. Because hops and multiply the load on the BBoy Power Trainer TM, a standard 5x safety margin is built into every unit. So, for safe use, the product should only be used by a single individual at a time, weighing under 200 pounds / 91 KG.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The BBoy Power Trainer TM is extremely well built. However, there is a risk associated with using this or any other exercise equipment. The instructions must be read and followed. Improper installation, use or maintenance can lead to injury. You must consult with your physician before using any exercise equipment, and you are responsible for following the instructions and installing and using the BBoy Power Trainer TM properly.

You must be comfortable reading English to safely follow the installation and training instructions. This product is not for sale to minors and buyers represent that they are adults. An adult must perform installation, and supervise use. You dance and install the BBoy Power Trainer TM at your own risk and CypherStyles.com, Inc. disclaims all liability. If you have plaster ceilings, or you aren't confident in your ability to correctly install the device, then we recommend you have a professional install it.

ATTENTION: If you have any questions about safe use or installation, stop and contact us for help. Always inspect the product for wear before each use, and e-mail us for replacement parts if there is any wear or damage. If you can't find your user manual, contact us at customerservice@cypherstyles.com and we'll e-mail you a pdf copy of the manual quickly.

WORKSHOPS: This product was designed in partnership with our good friend, Brazil's legendary BBoy Hitimon. Please contact him directly for judging, showcases and training workshops at hitmon.lee@hotmail.com

CypherStyles offers the best possible protective gear for intense urban dance styles like bboying/breakdancing, house/club/hip hop dancing, krumping, popping and locking.

Unfortunately, nothing can prevent all injuries so please be careful, if it hurts, stop. Don't drink and dance, don't operate heavy machinery or drive while dancing and keep in mind that you dance at your own risk.

CypherStyles offers the Best Street Dance Protective Gear and training equipment. Period.

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AAA+++ January 27, 2016
Reviewer: Eric from Perth, Western Australia Australia  
Excellent product well made. Excellent shipment process with Full tracking number provided with international shipment. Thank you.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Advanced power moves NEVER thought I'd get!
Reviewer: Barry Rabkin / BBoy GRIZ from Pittsburgh, PA  
I'm a style head.  I'm not ashamed of it, I love flavor, tops, funk and footwork and I always will.  That said, I still get a little jealous when I see bboys ripping air babies, elbow freezes, headspin glides, 90s and double legged flares.  I never thought I'd know what that felt like, but within a few minutes of using this I was able to do ALL those moves and many more comfortably!  I've seen non-dancers and 60 year olds have the same experience with this, it lets you get the feel for moves that you'd never be able to even start without it.  GAME CHANGER!!! - Barry Rabkin / BBoy GRIZ, Owner & Founder of CypherStyles.com, Inc.

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Reviewer: bboyshade from france  
i used todo a few headspins then stop because of painthis takes th weight off so ican train for hours!! i wish i had gotten this yers ago!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
much safer
Reviewer: mandee from america  
my boyfriend installed this for my 10 year old bboy in the hopes of preventing injuries from falls.  i thought I would have to convince him to use it, but he immediately tried it as soon as I set it up and he hasn't stopped since.  he's having a great time and I'm happy that he won't get hurt

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headspins and legged flares for first time!
Reviewer: JC from France  
after installing this im doing headspins and double legged flares for the first time in my life!!  moves icouldnt get are easy for me nwo love it!!

Was this review helpful to you?

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