What household items are biohazards?


A home should be the safest place where one can be, this is because a home is where people live so it should be as safe as possible. That is why you are required to protect your family from the threats that may face their health and safety. Your family can be exposed to infection, toxic effects, injuries, and biohazard wastes. It is therefore important for every homeowner to know some of the household items that are biohazards.


Any blood contaminated item is considered the hazard and can easily spread the infection to people once they come into contact with it. Some of the viruses that emerge from blood are hepatitis B, HIV and Hepatitis C. If the contaminated item comes into contact with an open would then there is a high risk that the infection will be transmitted.

Animal waste

Animal waste contains a lot of dangerous pathogenic microorganisms. Just as animal feces are dangerous, their bedding is dangerous as well, so it advisable that you keep it as clean as possible.

Human waste

Just as blood, human waste can also transmit several infections. Human waste can be life-threatening especially if the sewer lines clog and the toilets begin to back up. For such cases, it is important that you go for biohazard cleanup professionals.

Pathological waste

These may include waste like human tissue. This waste is very common in laboratories and hospitals than in households, however, it can still be found in homes.

Sharps waste

This in involves items that are normally found in the kitchen or used in first aid kits. The contaminated sharp materials should be handled with a lot of care, this is because of recklessly handled then you may pick yourself with a contaminated needle and get an infection which may cause very serious problems to your health.