What is CypherStyles?

si-fer sti-els // A “Cypher” is a circle with two Hip Hop Dancers in the center competing back and forth trying to beat each others moves. These street dance “Styles” such as Breakdancing aka Breaking, Hip Hop Dance, House Dance , Krump, Rave Dance , Popping and Locking are not found in dance studios, but are passed down and built on by tight knit crews of street dancers who compete in cyphers in underground competitions known to insiders as “Battles”. With skills forged in the blazing fire of the cyphers, street dancers are continuously challenged to elevate their style and technique to a higher level.

After countless victories Street Dancers gain reputations as legends. They are respected worldwide as gifted athletes, artists, gladiators, entertainers and devastating competitors. The CypherStyles Crew has street dance beating in their chests and running through their veins. These style warriors come to CypherStyles for guidance, and products to help them on their journey to greatness! We see everyone who loves Street Dance as a CypherStyles Crew member for life.

Top 5 Reasons To Shop At CypherStyles

SELECTION – CypherStyles has the most complete street dance video selection, with 1000+ products, and we always get the newest battles, instructionals and protective gear.

SERVICE – At CypherStyles we see every customer as a customer for life. We will always respond to your questions quickly and help you with anything you need. Our reputation is unrivaled because taking good care of your needs is our highest priority. We fully plan to stick around to hook up your grandkids and great grandkids with our street dance products!

SPEED – CypherStyles ships out all our orders within 1 business day so you’ll always get them quickly, and for more flexibility we offer a wide array of shipping options, so if you’re in a rush you can get it that much quicker.

STYLE – CypherStyles IS Street Dance! Money from your orders goes directly back to the street dancers and creators of products to help fund future releases. In short, if you buy a Mr Wiggles DVD, it came to us directly from his hands, and money from your purchase goes directly back to him. Every dollar you spend at CypherStyles goes back to support the street dance community and help develop more products in the future.

SECURITY – All orders on CypherStyles go through 256 SSL security. For non-techies, that is the best security and identity theft prevention encryption there is. We are also PayPal Verified, Authorize.net Verified and have a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau. We never sell, trade or give away your personal information. We take every measure to protect your security so you can shop without stress.