The Original BBoy Bucket List
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69 - Done a freeze photo with your crew!

68 - Gotten paid cash money to dance, judge, or teach!

67 - Accidentally kicked a hole in the wall of your practice room!

66 - Kissed someone in a freeze!

65 - Battled in a different country!

64 - Watched and loved a rare old school bboy VHS tape!

63 - Slept in an airport or bus station to get back home from a battle!

62 - Taped together flattened cardboard boxes as a makeshift dance floor!

61 - Worry your parents that you're going to break your neck breaking!

60 - Corrected someone for calling bboying "breakdancing"

59 - Bust a move for the Pope!

58 - Cut class to go session!

57 - Busted a move at a wedding!

56 - Zoned out to the perfect beat!

55 - Hit an obligatory chin grab during your set.

54 - Thrown the c@ck.

53 - Hated on haters.

52 - Master Flares!

51 - Practiced freezes outside.

50 - Defy gravity! Hit an Airtrack!

49 - Get stuck in your freeze.

48 - Bust a planche freeze!

47 - Seen someone bgirl in a bikini.

46 - Hit the streets for tips.

45 - Get inked with bboy tats!

44 - Bought new gear and DVDs with the money that was supposed to pay for gas to get you home from the battle!

43 - Hit a freeze in front of a national monument!

Wrongly thought that since you break, you could also freestyle rap well.

41 - Still flipped out and sprinted to the cypher like you'd never heard the song before in your life, the 5th time the DJs played the Mexican at the battle!

40 - Walked into your first Yoga class and realized you could already put everyone there to shame!

39 - Disagreed with the judges decision!

38 - Out of habit, toprocked at a cute girl like you wanted to battle, when you should have been slow dancing with her!

37 - Ripped out your hair doing headspins without a beanie!

36 - Made your toys cypher and battle!

35 - Settle a disagreement with a battle!

34 - Incorporate breaking into another activity.

33 - Bust a move dressed up!

32 - Practiced windmills till your shoulders got battle scars!

31 - Tried to sew your own headspin beanie!

30 - Thrown a battle!

29 - Busted a move with your bboy hand skills.

28 - Felt star struck when you met your favorite bboy in person.

27 - Copped custom clothing for your crew!

26 - Think breaking is sicker than any Olympic event!

25 - Gotten trashed with your crew the night before your battle!

24 - Bust a freeze on the beach!

23 - Ended your set with an ice cold bboy stance

22 - Trolled YouTube / Facebook video comments!

21 - Battled someone half your age!

20 - Injured yourself breaking!

19 - Hit an epic multi-person freeze.

18 - Refused to listen to any Hip Hop that wasn't made before you were born.

17 - Battled someone twice your age!

16 - Got down with a ghetto blaster boombox!

15 - Won a battle!

14 - Worn a mockneck in the summer.

13 - Hit the obligatory no hands headstand freeze for a photo.

12 - Dressed like Run DMC.

11 - Dated a Bgirl!

10 - Included James Brown tracks on every single breaks mix you've ever made.

9 - Competed in a completely mismatched bboy battle.

8 - Spent your rent money on new kicks. Regretted nothing!

7 - Nailed every beat of the Incredible Bongo Band's bboy classic: Apache.

6 - Gotten down to the legendary DJ Kool Herc spinning funky breaks!

5 - Call out a biter!

4 - Badly attempt to scratch and beat juggle.

3 - Bust a move in costume!

2 - Look cool, despite wearing a helmet.

1 - Drink 4 Red Bulls in a row. Twitch and buzz around like a mosquito on meth. Crash and pass out 45 minutes later. Sleep through the rest of the battle.