CypherStyles Crew Testimonials
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You are part of a worldwide funky force with hip hop beating in your chest and style pumping through your veins! If you love Street Dance you are an official member of the CypherStyles Crew! We love hearing from our own! Send us your picture and message and tell us what you think of CypherStyles. Check out what the world's most respected street dance authorities say about CypherStyles below:

CypherStyles really impresses me. They have great customer service and this is a testament to the owner Barry Rabkin! They are always supporting the street dance community and proactively looking for events/competitions to sponsor. I look forward to buying more DVD's from them and building with them in the near future. Keep it up! Peace!

BBoy Justroc, Claws Out, California

Powerful Pexter

Going from a 10 year old in the Bronx to all around the world, even to the White House! I've taken the culture far and the culture has taken me far, and it's incredible to see CypherStyles grab hold of the true culture 110% and bring shine to a lot of kids with unbelievable talent and skills. They got the gear and clothes and DVDs to educate, and I've got nothing but love for CypherStyles because they got nothing but love for the culture. Big Ups!

Powerful Pexster, Floor Masters and New York City Breakers

Yo CypherStyles! I like the new look, clean, tight and to the point...your header says it all. Style is Power! I gotta make that the title of the Soul Rocking Vol III DVD! Peace,

SoulTrotter, Germany

I just wanted to say how dope I think CypherStyles is. It's dope to be able to go to one place and get everything you need as far as videos and anything hiphop related goes. It saves a lot on overseas shipping or waiting to travel to another country to pick up merchandise you can't get in the states. Our boy ordered some dvds from u guys and got them mad quick. He inspired me, so i just ordered the juste debout dvd from you. Just wanted to share with you guys. Cypherstyles is the ish!!

Peace and much respect!

BBoy Domes, Massive Monkees Crew, Seattle

I wanted to thank you so much for the great services you give. I have ordered the headspin beanie and the helmet from you for my 7 year old son, Trae. We have already recieved them. I asked you a question about the helmet and you responded very quickly. On top of that, your products are the best!!! I wanted to let you know how much the Stinger Family appreciates what you have done and how it has impacted our family so positively. Thanks again CypherStyles!!!!!!!

Much Love and Respect

The Stinger Family

CypherStyles supports battles and jams and helps the street dance scene grow. Most dancers don't know how to sell their own products, but CypherStyles helps me and many others deal with the business side of dancing. CypherStyles is out there helping to promote us on a grassroots level so I can spend my time focusing on dancing instead of business. It's great seeing CypherStyles grow by helping street dance culture grow.

Tiny Love - Vibe Elements, Dynasty Rockers, Touch of Rock

It used to take me forever for me to ship out my Solo DVDs, The Blueprint and Rusty Shank. Since you guys started selling my videos for me I've gotten a lot of positive feedback. Everyone loves how fast their orders come from CypherStyles! Thank you guys,

BBoy Alien Ness

Zulu Nation / Rock Steady Crew

G bless brotha! Good people breeds good business. It's great working with you CypherStyles and I'm happy for all your success! I'm looking forward to a long future with you guys.


Mr Wiggles

Rock Steady Crew / Electric Boogaloos

CypherStyles is definitely a very important part of our dance culture. They give our underground product a place to launch and reach a world wide market. They support, respect and understand the dance culture, and there really aren't a lot of companies that do that. Thank you guys, and can't wait to see what's next for CypherStyles in the future! Peace and one.

Tommy 'Hypno' Chan - Urban Expression Project | Boogie Nation | NYC Popping Dance Academy

CypherStyles has supported so many BBoy events! If you ever need something, I would like to help you in any way I can. If you every need me to DJ an event I would be glad to support you the way you've supported us.

King Uprock, Dynasty Rockers, NYC

Cypherstyles got you covered! They not only offer you what you need but support OUR culture and back it to the fullest. I am proud to work with them and to let you know Cypherstyles got you covered on anything you need!

SugaPop - Electric Boogaloos/Rock Steady Crew

CypherStyles is dope sauce! They always have the right hip hop or street dance video that I'm searching for, and one time they even shipped videos to Cuba for me! Fresh product selection and excellent customer service!

BGirl Catfox - Antics Performance/BYC

Photography By Michael Higgins

Having my BBoy Mix CDs on CypherStyles is such a blessing! Besides the store being the most complete place to grab the essentials in bboy life and culture, the staff is great, and it's always a pleasure doing business with their team. I look forward to working with them for a long time. Keep it movin!

DJ Franco de Leon

I think artistic growth is directly connected to resourcing; having a place or person that documents yesterday, while capturing what is currently happening in our cultures. Cypherstyles is that source, unbiasedly providing a snapshot of many communities for your convenience. Here you can find Dance, Graffiti, DJ Videos and Music from all levels and periods of urban culture. This is more than just a site for videos, it is our time capsule

Junious "House" Brickhouse - Urban Artistry (Founder/ Executive Director)/The Assassins (District of Columbia Founder)

CypherStyles is a great business only because of the intelligent, fair minded people that implemented and run their company. The owner and founder, Barry Rabkin aka BBoy Griz, has been supportive of Konee Rok for as long as I've known him. Quality character has taken them far in business and I expect them to carry on in a positive manner in any venture they pursue.

Konee Rok - Music Video & Documentary Artist

Editor of City vs City & Lets Get it Poppin

Photography by Allison Glenn

Just want to thank CypherStyles for supporting us as a group and trying to document the history of the culture. To all those out there, please support CypherStyles by purchasing a DVD, CD, Protective Gear or anything else they got, they have everything you could want or need! Peace and respect to all.

Leanski - Floor Lords Crew

I believe in the promotors of our culture, making money and giving back at the same time being a beautiful, but I don't deal with trumps or piglets! I want to say CypherStyles has always been good to me and I believe they will keep doing right by me and doing right by the culture. Here's to the future of hip hop, bboyin and dance culture! Cheers, one love fam.

Mason Rose - Seven Shadows

You guys are really helping the BBoy industry and I have the utmost respect for what you do.

All the Best,

Ryan Flores, Sick Action Media

(Video Production) Grass Roots, Freestyle Session, Armory Survival Gear, Furious Styles Anniversary, National Bboy League

CypherStyles is the TRUTH they represent Street Dance to the fullest. I love what you guys are doing!

Legendary Ali Shabazz of The Suns of James Brown

If you need to get your hands on any hip hop products or gear you've gotta hit CypherStyles, they've got it all! Big ups for the complete video and gear selection and always dope quality!!!

BBoy Johnjay - Director of R16 Korea / Circle of Fire Crew

This site is the best place to buy bboy gear and dvds...I would be more than glad to rep or help promote cypher styles by throwin up stickers or stackin flyers at hiphop spots! Keep doin what you do. Stay up.

Johnnyboy, California

I've bought and collected many street dance videos over the past couple decades. Cypherstyles has definitely shown and proven to be the best place to get whatever I need! It's a truly Hip Hop focused business, that is truly invested in the culture. My respects and recommendations to CypherStyles. Hands down, the best place for street dance anywhere.

Bboy House - Furious Styles, MZK, Break Life, 93 til Infinity!

Good lookin out GRIZ! Thank you once again for your professional attitude, and cool personality. Keep doing what you do at CypherStyles. Much respect, peace, and success to you.

No Bone Tyrone, Wave Masters, California

Whats up all? Just got my dvds from you guys, and as usual, I can never find a reason to complain! CypherStyles is the most reputable hip-hop source I know of, and you all are setting precedents for other companies to hope to achieve in the areas of customer service, quality, and overall business. I am relieved to be able to deal with a company that is truly in tune with the culture and gives respect back to its customers. Big Ups CypherStyles, catch you in the new year!

Amit aka BBoy Kinetiks, Virginia

mad luv n respekt. you and your company freaking rock, like, HARDCORE rock! your prices, shipping quickness, and HUGE library of available dvds are a freaking godsent. thanks once again for being so awesome, and just being.

Fuse, Chicago, Illinois

Ur so awesome CypherStyles! Your support for the Hip Hop culture has really made an impact on a lot of people. Don't ever feel what you do doesn't matter. We love having you in the Zircle One family. Thanks again for all you do!

BBoy Joe Boi, Zircle One/Guam

As always I truly appreciate CypherStyles efforts. We will definitely keep growing in the street dance scene together. Peace.

BBoy Prizm, Underground Zero Crew, Orlando, FL

I really appreciate your advice, Alien Ness's book Art of Battle was AMAZING! So many people want the book and i have been giving them your site and letting them know you sell everything! You've got so much business coming your way! Thank you for all your help CypherStyles, Peace!

BBoy Jade, Australia

CypherStyles is, in short, the best outlet for hip-hop and street dance resources, period. The dance community, hip-hop community, and the planet at large would be a better place with more people like Barry and his team.

From an industry perspective, it's hard to beat CypherStyles's selection and service. Gone are the days of warily-made purchases with creeping anxieties about identity theft, defective products, and missing orders. The purchasing process is short, simple, and satisfying -- exactly the way it should have always been.

But what really separates CypherStyles from any other street dance retailer is a genuine affection for the culture and an unbelievable approachability. While other retailers tend to either get caught up in the money or in their own egos in the dance scene, CypherStyles somehow manages to maintain a high standard of professionalism while also staying true to its roots. I've often felt incredulous at CypherStyles's sheer humility and heart. Whether you're a fan who wants some neat videos, a dancer who's trying to save your knee, a performer trying to get your name out, or an entrepreneur trying to find an outlet to peddle your new headspin goods, chances are that someone at CypherStyles can -- and actually wants -- to help you. It's kind of ridiculous, really.

Ask pretty much any b-boy, b-girl, or member of the b-boy community -- chances are, at some point, they have either said or heard someone say something along the lines of "Barry from CypherStyles is the nicest f--king guy in the world." There are a lot of myths and rumors in hip-hop, but this one rings true. I'd probably trust Barry and the CypherStyles team with my firstborn, no s--t.


Photography By Eye of the Cypher

It's hard to be sure what kind of people you are dealing with when you buy online, but CypherStyles is one of the few places that I honestly don't have to worry about when I'm working with them. I've been lucky enough to meet the people behind CypherStyles when they were out supporting at b-boy events, and I have no problem recommending them to anyone looking for hard to find DVDs and gear. Every interaction I've had with them has been positive.


Photography by Eye of the Cypher

Hey, I just wanna say thanks CypherStyles 4 everything you do. You guys are always on point with all my orders. Everybody needs what you guys have! Stay up! MAGIC MAGIC NINJAS WHAT!!!!!

BBOY I20 - Magic Magic Ninjas Crew / Universal Zulu Nation

Photography by Monica C

My man Griz, I've still got our battle footage from back in the day! You have mad heart and I enjoyed battling you. Your passion for the culture shines in everything you do at CypherStyles! You've got an open invitation for my event Breaking the Law anytime you can make it! Peace and God Bless,

Jarius / BBoy ManOfGod - Madison, Wisconsin

Big respect for GRIZ, he's a really good person. CypherStyles is the best source of HIP HOP culture. I'm really happy you're here supporting Street Dance Culture. All your protective gear for breakin' is very good. Good luck with your work and much success. Respect for all!

BBoy PaTroN, Bosnia

Many many thanks to you and your company. I always hit CypherStyles when I am looking for good quality DVD's and good service. Respect to you and your company always. Your B-boy friend,

BBoy Johnny Breaker, Breakin' Bread, Virginia

I'm excited to get the Mad Act BBoy Battles back in circulation and I really appreciate you taking up the mantle and keeping not just King of Cali but all the rare and out of print DVDs available to the street dance community. The culture needs someone like you keeping it alive. Thanks CypherStyles!

Rudy, Mad Act Films, California

Cypherstyles rocks and their customer service is second to none. They are really friendly and knowledgeable and go out of their way to support their younger followers. Much respect from the dad of one very young B Boy!

Damian & Mack 5, United Kingdom

Cypherstyles is the BEST site out there period. I've been performing on stage since I was 15 with Grammy nominated Hip-Hop artists and I will only wear cypherstyles gear. I ordered a headspin cap forever ago and it has lasted through countless practice sessions, to countless battles.

One thing that always amazed me about Cypherstyles is how at home they make you feel; forreal. The first time I ordered my gear, the owner GRIZ took the time to get to know me and not many site owners out there are willing to do that, they have this "let's hurry this up so I can get your money in my pocket" feel, but Cypherstyles doesn't.

It's a site for BBoys by BBoys and thats how I like it. Spread the love, if you want good quality products, and good quality service CypherStyles is the place to go. I'll rock CypherStyles in every battle!

Much love,

Jordan, Kentucky

Dear CypherStyles Team,

As you see I'm a big user of your Headspin Beanies and they helped me to improve my performance A LOT! Your product's are great and I love them. The spin mesh is perfect on any kind of floor. It gives me the ability to spin very long and fast. I don't need to wear a helmet for headspin's anymore! Thanks for your great gear which has improved my moves and my dance. Thanks for everything!

Best Regards,

B-Boy Jope, Split, Croatia

Hi Griz,

I received my latest order last week. The BBoy Power Trainer works great and is exactly what I need to get to the next level. It's the perfect compliment to my other CypherStyles tools i.e. How to BBoy DVDs 1 thru 5, C Walk Moves, How to Head Spin as well as Street Dance Skills and Drills 'BBoy Bootcamp'. After training with your How To BBoy series I was able to get a job as a street dance instructor, sharing CypherStyles training and development techniques. The drive to learn and teach street dance has made a huge impact on my personal health both mentally and physically. At 36 years old, this father of two teenage kids is in the best shape of his life and now look⠀™s forward to busting it out each day. It⠀™s truly amazing how much street dance has already changed my life and this is just the beginning. You've done a great thing in putting this place together for all of us beginners out there and I will do my part in spreading the word. Street Dance is not just what you do, it truly is who you are!

Mike "Basic" Kaichen, Milton, New Hampshire

I've been a fan of CypherStyles ever since I found Storms Footwork Fundamentals DVD at your table at the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary... I had been looking for that video forever! I'll definitely get in touch with you for future work I do on BBoying.

Joseph Schloss - Author of Foundation: B-boys, B-girls and Hip-Hop Culture in New York

It's so dope to see that there are real heads that still know what bboying really is and don't sellout to all the whack stuff people THINK is bboying today! Stay Fresh CypherStyles!

Gadget, Boogie Brats Crew, NYC

Yooo shoutz!! Trust the crowd was LOVING THE CYPHERSTYLES GEAR you gave us to hand out for prizes! LoL like freakin piranhas maaan! Thanks again for your sponsorship for our event! We'll keep in touch! Peace,

Dj Dadeo and Fresh Mama, BreakersDelight

Yooooooooo What's Up CypherStyles,

I seen the new look on the web site, way way better it loads up faster, and it looks fresh! You guys are doing the DVD game real big!

God Bless,

Crazy Freddy of BBoy Olympics and NewBWear Allstars, Boston MA

I order videos from CypherStyles constantly. I also have seen your booth at events and keep track of events you sponsor. Cypherstyles is a great site to find all your bboy needs and find out about events all over the country. I love you guys, keep up the great work!

BGirl EvilLynn, Nashville, TN

Thank you for the Planet BBoy video, I will be purchasing more from you. Your website and the material you provide will keep breathing life into many individuals like myself for years to come. Four Elements One Soul!

Anthony L., Owner of Indi-Go-Styles, New Jersey, USA

I really love that you're so service minded!!! I've ordered some stuff from different sites and never seen anything like CypherStyles!! Big Props! Your business will probably just grow & grow!!!!

A lot of Respect!

Micke/M-Jay IC-Rockers, Sweden



CypherStyles has the best customer service I've ever encountered!

Nicholas, West Chester, PA

My wife things i'm crazy cause I have so much stuff from CypherStyles: multiple shirts, hoodies, DVDs and Cds hahaha. But what can I say? I'm a Bboy 4 Life. I'm 24 but I'm gonna keep breakin til I'm 70 lol. Everytime I order from you guys I get my BBoy Hype back. Thanks again CypherStyles, you guys are deff #1 for Hip Hop!

BBoy Quest 9, Repping U.S. and Okinawa, Japan!

Yo Griz, Thanks for the dvds man! My collection is growing rapidly. The Battle Monkeys are sick and my hometown Floorlords are the ish.

It's time for the rebirth of the culture and your site's at the forefront. Good Looking Out, One.

RBMC, Boston, MA

Hi CypherStyles! Thank you very much for the fast delivery of my order! I got it in just a few days and I like the dvds very much. I am practicing every day! Keep up the good work.

Edje, Netherlands

Just wanted to say thanks for everything! Thanks for the great service, videos and free stickers. This site is amazing being a hip hop junkie and bboy! Thanks again!


Tony, UK

Thank You CypherStyles - That was some quick service! I definitely will be shopping at your on-line store again

Thanks again,

Garrett, San Francisco, CA

Thanks Man. Of all the sites I've ordered from CypherStyles is the best! You guys have awesome service!

BBoy Asylum, Canada

Hiya mate, just wanted to say thanks again for dvds, and how quick they came! I will definitely be using CypherStyles again, happy X-Mas and New Year!

Joanne, UK

HAHAHA Thank you so much, I will recommend this site to everyone! You have a friend here on this island, take care and I hope to buy more Bboy DVDs at this site!!

D-Samplz, Aruba

What Cypherstyles is doing is great! I was going to buy these dvds at another store, originally, but I heard that store sold bootleg copies, and I refuse to support rip-off hacks.

It's great to see a place like yours, where the original makers of the films benefit from the sales.

Right on!

BBoy Wolv, Idaho, USA

Hey you guys really are the best!!! You have the best service online I have ever seen and you'll be my number one (if not my only!!!) source of Bboying DVDs.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!!!

BBoy Rato, Portugal

CypherStyles is definitely on point! I'll be sure to cop some more products from your site soon.

Johnathan, California

Hi CypherStyles,

I am amazed, this is my 2nd order to Germany and you guys deliver faster than most German stores do! Great packaging so your products come clean without any damage. Great deal on shipping too, your low rates are really affordable. You guys are Hip Hop.

Rock on,

Dino, Germany

Yo man sup? Just wanna say thanks, your service was real fast and real good! Cool german writing ;) Respect from Germany!

Peaz ya boi Fabz, Germany

Hey CypherStyles,

Props to you for looking after your customers so well. It's so hard to find people who know what they are talking about when it comes to BBoying. I go into a huge DVD shop in my neighborhood, and theyre like what? Battle of the Year? What the hell is that? It's good to know that you know and stand by the products you sell. I'm glad that I bought the DVDs from your site.

Thanks man. Peace out.

Mehdi, Australia

Thanks CypherStyles! From hard to find DVDs to much needed protective gear, you guys have always come through 100%

Thanks to you, b-boys in Iraq have something to look forward to at the end of a mission. Stay real!

Private Dustin J.

Whaaat Up !! Thanks !! Just got the order !! the last night a b-girl saved my life sticker Rocks !!!

thanx again....Ill be ordering some more stuff next week. Peace !!!!!!!!!!!

Pheel-OneR, KMW Posse PimpZ !!!

Wow! That is amazing! My order came in a few days! You've gained a permanent customer! The last headspin hat I ordered from a different store took about 4-6 weeks and it was more expensive! Thanks so much and have a great weekend.


Hi Griz,

I have just received my order, thank you for the excellent service and also the kind gesture of the free DVD. You have secured yourself a loyal customer and I will continue to shop with you and recommend you to the rest of my crew and friends.

Total Respect. Best Regards.

Sitti S.

Thanks for being so on the ball Dear lord you guys are dope as hell! Massive Respect!!!!!!

Bryan, Canada

I couldn't believe how detailed and personal your response was! I work as a supervisor at a corporation where our focus is completely on customer service, so I know what we SHOULD be doing as company. However, your customer service actually delivers! You guys went above and beyond my expectations and you better believe I'll be preachin about your service to my friends and coworkers. Thanks again for the great service.

Dennis, San Diego, California

Ya'll have the best internet service that I've seen concerning Hip Hop items. Thanks!!!

John Cruz, US Army

hi cypherstyles, i just wanted to say thanks for the bboy unit 8 dvd! i received the package very quickly and in great condition. thanks for all the stickers and such too. they were dope. happy holidays. ill definitely order more bboying dvds from you guys in the future, peace.

Scott, New York

Hello, I just want to tell you that your customer service rocks!!! I have been ordering videos from you guys for a little over 2-3 months and you are all very professional. Even when I had a problem with one dvd and I brought it to your attention I got nothin but great service and professionalism. As a bboy it's great to know that there is a site and company that caters to us and the hip hop community in a positive manner. Keep doing what you're doing.

Roy aka BBoy AO, Lansdale

Thanks a lot for the great customer service. I was expecting one or two sentence blips or not even a response at all, so its been a nice change to deal with someone who actually care about providing good service to their customers. Thanks Again CypherStyles

Michael, Japan

CypherStyles is great they ship fast and are much better than the other B-Boy sites which mess up all the time! Way to keep it professional. Peace.

Chris, Kansas City

Your service is amazing! I'll definitely keep buying from your web site. By the way, I like your stickers...4 Elements 1 Soul It's on my college binder, Peace!

Bboy Kerotan, Boston, MA

GRIZ, I just wanted to let you know that your reply was the quickest and most professional/helpful I've had in a long time. I like to ask questions before I buy, and lack of customer service and/or automated responses is irritating. I'll definitely recommend your site to my friends as well as fulfill my order of inquiry. Have a great weekend!

Nick, Portland, Oregon

Thanks! We look forward to doing more business with you, and we will bring you in more customers :)

Angela, San Jose, California

The Dvdz were received quickly after I ordered. Thank you for the fast mailing time, I was very impressed. I will be always searching your site for new breakdancing dvdz from now on. Peace

Nathan, Queensland, Australia

Received the DVD in great packaging and thanks for the stickers. I'll make sure they get up around my town.

Peter, Essex, U.K.

WORD!! Ive honestly never seen a site with so many rare, hard to find 4 Element Hip Hop Videos! You guys are like Amazon for Underground Street Culture. I Scratch and do Graff and you guys have most major DJ Championships and Graffiti NY Fats, Thins, Masks and Blackbooks. I don't break, but you've got a crazy selection of bboy videos too, I like what you guys are doing here, keep it up!

TONE-L Atlanta, Georgia

You have more rare hip hop videos than every other hip hop video store I've seen put together. It's sick being able to get anything and everything all easily in one place. Your selection is definitely staying true to real hip hop culture, keep it real CypherStyles

LUK15, Boulder, CO

You have all the old school classics Wildstyle, Style Wars, Breakin, Krush Groove. The documentaries on the elements are good too, so far I've watched Scratch, Freestyle, Freshest Kids and Graffiti Verite 4 and they really help me see how our culture evolved into its modern day culture.

Mackie-J Detroit, MI

Where have you guys been? I've been waiting for a site like this for years! I like how all the performers and crews are hyperlinked together, it makes it easy to find my favorite crews, It's not just a store it's a bboy movie database. Your art on the bboy and bgirl posters is ridiculous, your artist is crazy! Keep it coming CypherStyles!

Jessie, Winter Park, Florida

The last 2 other sites I ordered BBoy videos off gave me whack DVDs that didn't have track listings or sound. I'm glad I found CypherStyles, you guys are the real deal. Everything I've ordered here has come fast, and have been brand new originals that worked perfectly. I'll definitely be getting my BBoy videos here from now on. Peace!

BBoy Liquid, Houston, Texas

CypherStyles is BOMB! I got my package in less than 72 hours from when I placed my order. You guys have a lot of videos and protective gear I can't find anywhere else. I'm going to be doing all my holiday shopping right here, you guys have everything I was looking for! Peace

Tara, Cleveland, Ohio

I've been really happy with my CypherStyles orders, you hooked me up with free stickers and got my order out to me quick.

T-Sauce, Brooklyn, NY

i just want to say wow fast shipping! you guys are great! thanks a lot for your service, i will be shopping with CypherStyles from now on.

Barna, California

Thank you for the promptly shipping my last order. I am military overseas and I had no complications during shipping. I would like to thank everyone who participates in making your company a success. I hope that Cypherstyles keeps growing and improving!


Dr. B Next Generation Student of Boogaloo, Serving the USA Overseas

I ordered something from you the other day, and you have been very complete in informing me of the status of my order. I am very grateful for that, and for the fact that you responded to me about my questions. Thank you so much, I plan to continue shopping with you in the future.

Brendon, Colorado, USA

Thanks for hooking me up!! I bought your headspin beanie and it makes my headspins even better. Thank you CypherStyles!! Peace,

Pruke, Bangkok, Thailand

I am so happy I ordered from you CypherStyles! The DVDs I bought reached my house in perfect condition. Thank you very much, I'll be shopping with you again soon!

Fabian, Argentina

Thank you CypherStyles! My DVDs arrived on time and in perfect condition. I really apreciate it, I'll keep on buying from you. Peace!

Alejandro, California

Dear CypherStyles,

All I want to say is: Thank You Very Much!! I really appreciate how fast you got back to me with my questions and your excellent customer service. It's hard when you are half way across the world, cause you feel kind of helpless, it would have been very easy for you to brush me off, but you didn't and I am extremely happy!

I was nervous when the boyfriend asked me if he could purchase something from the site with my credit card! But he will definitely be a regular customer with CypherStyles!! (and my credit card will be a regular customer on his behalf. lol) Thank you again!!!

Cynthia, Australia

Hello again! I just want to thank you guys soo much CypherStyles! Yall are awesome! Keep doin yalls thang! MUCH LOVE!!

Linda, US Military

Hi, I would just like to say a big thank you for delivering my dvds so quickly. Because you have taken such good care of me I will DEFINATELY be making future purchases with you guys. Keep doin what youre doing guys, CypherStyles Forever!

Nathan, United Kingdom

I swear, if you keep giving me quick service like this, I'm gonna end up broke! I really appreciate what you are doing. I have gone to many bboy sources to order dvds but none have your selection or send mail as quick as you. I've never had a service that is so precise with every order! I appreciate you keeping hip hop alive and making it spread, because most people now really don't know what real hip hop is. Keep doing your thing CypherStyles!

BBoy Rexneffects, Virginia, USA

CypherStyles, I've purchased through your web-site before and was very pleased with your business as a consumer and as a devout Hip Hop culture enthusiast. Knowing as there are dozens of con-artists on the internet, it's relieving to know that an organization such as your own exists; carrying 100% legit, authentic and original material online at reasonable prices. Thank you again CS, I'm looking forward to doing business with you again very soon! =)

Erick, Florida, USA

Griz, I love your selection of true BBoy dvds! I have been searching for all these videos and Cypherstyles has just about everything I have been looking for! Peace,

Chris, Ventura, California, USA

Yo CypherStyles!!!

It's awesome to see the new site up and running, it's cool to see things are moving forward for you! I'll be purchasing more dvds to help our BBoy Group in Cambridge. We have a regular beginners class each week attracting around 30 people, both students and locals! A lot of our groups progress is thanks to you and the products we've gotten from you, so I'd like to say MASSIVE BIG UP CYPHERSTYLES!!!

Peace and Respect.

Marcus, England

Sup CypherStyles! Your new site is awesome, I can't wait to order more dvds! The new look is dope guys, thank you for being the best street dance store online!

BGirl Mik-Tricia, USA

yo cypherstyles whats up? your site is dope and it has the BEST dvds ever. When the next battle of the year and uk bboy champ DVDs come out I will be the first to buy them! Best wishes for the new year from the Liquid Fire Crew, 2 times winners of the battle of the year preliminaries Cyprus. Peace and thanks again!

BBoy Kido, Cyprus

I just wanted to thank you to the CypherStyles crew for coming to support the Rhythmic Damage event. It was great having CypherStyles at our event and we hope you guys will be able to support the Rhythmic Damage legacy for years to come. Much respect from me and everyone in our crew, Freaks of the Beat. Take care my man,

BBoy Sama Philadelphia, PA, USA

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