Top 100 Quotes to Inspire BBoys and Street Dancers
Inspiring quotes to push you to perfection

These 100 choice bboy quotes inspire us to keep dancing and striving for perfection! Mad respect to everyone on this list! Feel free to share this collection with friends and submit more street dance quotes to We hope these quotes get you so motivated that you have to stop reading midway and go get down!

"After an hour your power goes sour." - Frosty Freeze

"A lot of it is mental - you have to not fear your opponent. That's the number one thing, first off. Don't underestimate anybody, but don't fear anybody." - Roxrite

"A lot of people say, what's foundation and they think 6 step or 2 step, you know what, those are just basic moves. Foundation is your basic, your feeling, your self expression. That's your foundation. Foundation is a feeling. You have to feel it first, with the move that you're doing. If you're doing a basic move and you don't feel it that's not your foundation. If you're dancing to the music that means you feel it. My inspirations are the ones that inspire me to feel the music." - Bam Bam

"A teacher is just a student who is farther along the path and can show the way. In every student is a master waiting to be born." - Otis Funkmeyer

"Always a student, never a master." - Mr. Wiggles

"As far as being traditional, it's not because people say there are set rules for the dance. That's what we feel. We give respect to people who don't really do traditional style moves. We give them props also. But that's what we feel so that's what we do." - Abstrak, Skill Methods Crew

"B-Boying is for everybody." - Ken Swift, Rock Steady Crew

"Back then, everybody just bugged out. There was no certain style. You're letting yourself out. You're getting loose." - Free, Circle of Fire and Shape Shifters

"Battles are like my kids, I don't lose them." - Alien Ness

"BBoying is a dance. You can represent however you want as long as your making a connection to the music." - Free, Circle of Fire and Shape Shifters

"BBoying is an art. We're artists and we're putting ourselves up to be judged. That's our choice so you have to be willing to accept the loss or the win or whichever way it goes." - Paranoid Android

"BBoying is my air." - BBoy Patron

"BBoying takes the best from each dance form and makes it it's own. Similarly to how Bruce Lee took the best from each fighting style and brought into together in his style Jeet Kune Do. You take the best from each to make a new style." - BBoy Tailz

"Becoming a good dancer is not just the learning of complicated moves and routines, it's a philosophy and a way of life. Taking your art and skills to the next level, which is PURE MASTERSHIP, complete confidence within yourself." - Greg Campbellock Jr.

"Carpenters bend wood; fletchers bend arrows; wise men fashion themselves." - Buddha

"Competition, of course, is the essence of every aspect of hip-hop culture, be it graffiti, emceeing, DJ-ing - what makes it real is the battle." - Kid Freeze

"Dance has to come from within and not by imitating others and biting their style. It's all about being true to yourself." - B-Boy Serge

"Dance is a vocabulary. Can you recite the vocabulary forwards and backwards and add new words?" - BBoy Vietnam

"Dance is infinite." - Storm, Battle Squad

"Dance is the universal language. You can meet someone in a club who's Japanese, not say a damn word and dance all night." - Mr Wiggles

"Dancing is the body talking. You can say anything you want." - Salah

"Do you dance because of the music or because you want to win? It's fun! That's why you dance! Not because you need to beat this guy, but because it brings you joy. " - Buddha Stretch

"Don't be afraid to battle cats. The only way you're going to get better is battling the people that are better than you." - Poe One

"Each individual cat got up and did his thing. It wasn't like today where they come down and put down some nice linoleum so you don't get burnt up. I mean, we used to b-boy right in the middle of the park with broken glass everywhere! And you'd get up and you'd be all scratched and burised and bleeding and you would be ready to go right back in the circle. You'd just wipe the glass off your elbows and go right back in." - Jazzy Jay

"Every breaker that is interested in not being a biter or a clone wants to create their own style." - BBoy Fresh, LA Breakers

"Foundation isn't a move." - Ken Swift

"Have conviction when you dance, don't just dance like it don't mean nothing." Teknyc, Skill Methods Crew

"He who gains a victory over other men is strong; but he who gains a victory over himself is all powerful." - Lao Tzu

"I am what you see when you see me dance. That's me," - Focus

"I battle for meat, if I don't win, I don't eat." - Alien Ness

"I don't believe B Boying is a natural talent. It's the drive to improve that matters." - Bboy Katsu

"I don't honestly believe in rank, I think each person is equal. If you're a beginning b-boy and another has been doing it 10 years, you're still the same person. You're still dancers. More knowledge doesn't mean you're better than anyone else." - Thesis

"I learned from watching a little bit of everyone. I always try to stay open minded and I think that every dancer should. Don't be afraid to experiment, you gotta make it your own." - Bam Bam

"I taught them everything they know, but not everything I know." - James Brown

"I think new dancers need to understand that foundation is a feeling and you have to adapt it, and it takes time. A breakdancing move like a windmill or a headspin does not make you a BBoy. It takes time, you have to understand it, you need to grow into it. It can be for anyone. Any culture can learn it and be a BBoy." - Bam Bam

"I'm not gonna change my way of dance because I lost and the judge tells me I should do it a certain way." - Roxrite

"If everybody does the same thing, there is no BBoying." - BBoy Smurf, Zulu Kingz / Boogie Brats

"If haters hadn't made me angry and made me practice, I wouldn't have gotten this good." - Bebe

"If people start questioning what you're doing, that means you're doing something right. Don't quit." - Poe One

"If you don't toprock before you go down and do footwork, you're not really BBoying." - Popmaster Fabel, Rock Steady Crew

"If you have the form right and mess up and fall into something else, that's a move. You just gotta add style to it." - Thesis

"If you look at it, b-boying is other styles combined to one thing-into your own style. You adapt from everything you've seen and learned, and that's how you express yourself. If you learn other dances, you can incorporate them and express yourself even more-that much stronger." - Thesis

"If you really look at hip-hop dance, it's really a rites-of-passage thing. You never see the arms release down. They're always up in fighting position. It's going to war. What do we say? We say your're going to battle. You go out there and fight." - Rennie Harris/Street Dance Legend

"If you think too much about being original, you're gonna be stuck some day. The most stupid or easy movements can be dope; don't dig too deep!" - Menno

"If you want to join the ranks of the people who changed the game, change yourself and the people around you as well." - Bebe

"If you're asking me what you need to do to be a good dancer than you already messed up. Nobody defines me. I define me. You have to ask yourself what you need to do to be a good dancer. That's the only way to develop your own unique style." - Buddha Stretch

"If you're not messing up every now and then at practice, you're not doing anything above your ability to progress." - Crazy Legs

"If you're really passionate about something, man, it always just kinda falls into place." - BBoy Thesis

"In order to express yourself fluently with the art of dance, think of styles as vocabularies. The more moves you know the more fluently you can speak." - Free, Circle of Fire and Shape Shifters

"Inspiration leads to motivation. Motivation leads to creation." - BBoy Crumbs

"It is not necessary to try to beat or be better than your opponent, but rather to show what you can do. Instead of thinking 'ok, I can beat this person,' one should be thinking 'ok, that's what you can do, now let me show you what I can do.' " - Alien Ness

"It was all strictly top-rocking, interesting drops to get down to the floor, incredible blitz-speed footwork. It was actually really unpredictable. Bouncing around, pivoting, turning, twists, front-sweeps, you know? And very aggressive, really aggressive to the point that I thought it was a gang dance at first." - Popmaster Fabel

"It's not even about moves, it's about style. You remember me by my energy, not my moves." - BBoy Smurf, Zulu Kingz / Boogie Brats

"It's okay to want to be as good as someone. But every person has a gift. You may not find your gift if you're busy trying to be somebody else." - BBoy Fresh, LA Breakers

"It's what people have done since people began dancing in tribal cultures. You get into a circle with percussive music and let go and get carried. You don't consciously force our movements, but allow them to flow through us. You aren't just expressing, but something greater than yourself." - BBoy Kujo

"It's a way of life. It's a feeling. It's not just throwing down and making moves. You gotta feel it. We live it, we love it. It's god given, it's like spirituality. It's not to satisfy the flesh, it's to satisfy the spirit. Especially if you do it the right way. A lot of people aren't really dancing for a meaning. They're just throwing down and trying to be the best." - Abstrak, Flipz, Teknyc, Skill Methods Crew

"It's not what you do, it's how you do it." - Thesis

"Just do what you love to do and you can't go wrong." - Orb, Circle of Fire

"Just enjoy yourself. That's the most important part. Because while you're enjoying yourself, other people will notice. And eventually, you know, fame and fortune will follow." - Toyz

"Michael Jackson didn't wake up good. It took him time. James brown didn't wake up good. It took him time. You have to put in work. You can't be lazy, you have to have a passion." - Buddha Stretch

"Music and dancing interlock. You can't have one without the other." - BGirl Loan

"Music is very important. It's food for your brain." - Ejoe Wilson/NY House Legend

"No one made me a good dancer. I made me a good dancer." - Buddha Stretch

"Nobody is lucky. You create your luck. How? You practice." - Salah

"Once I tried it, I never stopped. After my first battle, I knew I wanted to make it my own and become a real b-boy." - BBoy Menno

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley

"Originality is when you mix two things that haven't been mixed." - DJ Marlboro

"Originality - that's the key." - Thesis

"Our immediate influence in b-boying was James Brown, point blank." - Crazy Legs/Rock Steady Crew

"Really dancing like this is just an expression from the beginning of time, so when they call it breaking it's just a modern day term for an old way of term. Breaking is an old expression of an old dance. We're keeping that legacy alive in the modern day." - Bam Bam

"That's what you strive for - you strive to take your move to the next level. It's about shock value, always shock value, but keeping it flavor and stylized and making it yours." - Crazy Legs/Rock Steady Crew

"That's what's gonna make me come up with new stuff, if you get a good break or a good beat, you get a certain energy, and you wanna release that energy. Freezes to me are like releasing a certain energy. That's me releasing energy that beat gives me, to come up with certain things. A good beat, a rare break, a dope song that I've never really breaked to before will give me a new feeling, a new movement." - Roxrite

"The best lessons come from our losses. With every loss we can gain a lesson through which we come one step closer to perfection." - Alien Ness

"The body is the brush, the circle is the canvas, the paint is the blood, sweat and tears". - Poe One

"The element of surprise is always the best way to beat your opponent effectively." - Trac 2

"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights." - Muhammad Ali

"The floor is milk, churn it and make it butter." - Crazy Legs

"The fumes of my sweat is the perfume of my struggle." - Rez of The Procussions

"The illest battles I've seen haven't always been the battles with the 'big name' B-Boys, it's more about who had the heart and who puts all their body and soul into translating music to movement." - B-Girl Smoothie

"The most important things for organizing a BBoy jam are One: good DJs, Two: a good floor, Three: good judges, Four: the rest doesn't really matter." - Amjad

"The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing." - James Brown

"The only way you're gonna get better is battling the people that are better than you." - Poe One

"The style of a b-boy, I never saw nothing like it. I'd never seen a dance approached like that original b-boy flavor, that straightforward, aggressive sort of I'ma-tear-up-this-floor feeling. A lot of times in my neighborhood I didn't see smiles on their faces. They were on a mission to terrorize the dance floor and to make a reputation, ghetto celebrity style." - Popmaster Fabel

"The way you're gonna battle is you gotta just be yourself." - Thesis

"There is knowledge to gain from losing, just like winning." - Zulu Gremlin

"There's so much music, and it's a limitless source for energy, for motivation, for inspiration, for creativity." - Focus

"They got burned, now they gotta give up or get back in the lab. It either breaks them or makes them." - Poe One

"We all bit something. That's how we started. If we didn't bite something, none of us would be doing six step or four step or five step." - Poe One

"We don't care about anything, we just move." - BBoy Smurf, Zulu Kingz / Boogie Brats

"We had this culture as a kind of a refuge. Otherwise you would not have pride about anything." -DOZE / Rock Steady Crew

"We used to get tore up breaking on asphalt. It was called battlescars. You had to go through it. You didn't care. If you cared, it wouldn't be no breaking!" - Bom5/Rock Steady Crew

"Well a breakdancer is gonna probably have no style and no originality but they probably gonna have some incredible real dynamic s--t that people can't do because they practice so hard. A BBoy ain't really gonna care about a dynamic move, they gonna care about a dynamic style." - K-Mel

"What counts most in my book is variety. Going out and doing so much that you just can't really come back at that with one or two moves. He covered all his basic elements, his toprocks, hit footwork, his powermoves, his freezes. That's what I look for most of all. Because those are the things that I try to exemplify when I'm dancing myself. I don't always get that far because it's quite difficult. But it's the standard that I strive for and it's the standard that I think other dancers should strive for because that's what makes us mature as dancers. Why stick to one or two things when you can have it all?" - Kujo

"When you're in a perfect circle you're hitting every beat. The music is pumping right through you. Time ceases to exist. Everybody there is letting their soul out to the music. It's so bright it's blinding. You can feel it for miles." - BBoy Chicano

"Where's your fingerprint? What move did you add to this game?" - Poe One

"You are not doing hip hop; you ARE hip hop." - KRS-One

"You can't help but be creative, we all are unique beings and have a unique story to tell from different walks of life." - Bebe

"You dance for yourself. The relationship is between you and the music not with the audience." - Teknyc

"You start to realize all the little details and moves you do. Every movement has a reason. Every movement has a world to it." - Thesis

"You're never going to change street dance as much as it's going to change you." - Barry "GRIZ" Rabkin