What is the best spray tanning solution?


Buying a product from a market full of similar brands is a difficult task and purchasing the best spray tanning solution is not exclusion. If you’re not selective on the best brands, you can end up with some orange skin spots after applying the solution. What is more annoying is the fact that to have to spend much time and money researching on the best brand. With an aim to relieve you of such stress, this article brings you a list of the four best spray solutions you can find in the market. Consider reading through the essay for a chance to make informed decisions.

1. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution

Our top pick in the list is a norvell tanning solution. The best thing is that you have no reason to worry about your skin turning yellow. The solution contains micronutrients that instead nourish the skin with antioxidants and vitamins. As a result, it keeps your skin healthy and off all possible infections. The liquid has in it occurring natural enzymes which repair and restores the lost moisture in dehydrated skin. And since the solution is non-comedogenic, you can use it without worrying about anything. The only problem is the fact that it does not last for a long time. Also, when you sweet the product might get to your clothes.

2. Sjolie Organic Spray

Sjolie is another sunless solution that but not contained in aerosol cans. The tan spray is 100% vegan and has got approvals by PETA. Users can, therefore, feel comfortable in using the product as it is cruelty-free. The solution does contain all the necessary natural ingredients that will help you acquire that gorgeous look. The package comes with prep spray which you can apply on your skin before using the sunless solution. As a result, your skin gets to be prepared for the spray solution and therefore giving you the best results. The prep spray also balances your skin PH levels and removes barriers that disrupt the absorption of the tan. Consider giving it a shot and see if it works for you.

Sjolie Spray Tan Solution

3. Norvell Amber Sun Sunless Tanning Aerosol Spray

The good thing with this Norvell solution tan is that it comes with an aerosol can. It means that you require no additional equipment to tan. The tin has a comfortable design that helps you display from different angles and give the best results. The solution is ideal for users looking for cheap brands. However, it’s good to note that more affordable solutions can lead to uneven spray. The good thing about this tan product is that fact that it contains different natural ingredients that gives your skin a bronze look. Also, it contains no oils, meaning that there’re no possibilities to block your pores. As a result, there will be effective absorption of the tan.

4. Lavishtan Organic Airbrush tan Solution

The brand is 99% organic and therefore, you have no reasons to worry about your skin getting destroyed. Even if it contains no chemicals, the solution features excellent results that will last for at least seven days. The good thing is that it works on most skins and will dry quickly. It means that you can take a shower after 5 hours without the tan fading. It also features vitamins E and C which nourish your skin. It’s good to note that the product is a bit more expensive compared to other brands.

Getting the best tanning solution will give the best results. Consider using one of the above-discussed solutions for a chance to experience great results.